The digital marketing consultants at Avocado have designed various custom workshop modules on digital strategy and content marketing which are delivered for in-house team of brands or at industry events. 

These workshops are available in 1 &  2 day modules for groups of 15 members.

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Content Marketing

The workshop is complimentary for CMS Asia 2018 attendees.

Trainer: Kavita Jhunjhunwala
Date: 15th August
Workshop Duration: 3 hours
Location: Singapore

What is content marketing? Is there just good and bad content or is there a way to build strategy within your content to connect on any platform that you choose to build brands on?

In this workshop, learn the following:

  • The 360 content marketing approach.
    What does the entire content marketing universe look like?
    What are tools, platforms and the ability to read analytics come together to create engagement and brand recall and where does content sit in this universe?
    How do you continue to stay true to your purpose, business objective and still deliver results?

  • How to develop good content that works
    Best practices on how to understand your brand, developing connect with the community and the various formats of content that can be part of your playbook as well as how to develop such pieces of content to integrate with your marketing strategies.

  • How to handle it yourself (or with some help)
    The best content comes spontaneously and not on excel spreadsheets.
    As a digital and content marketing manager, you can divide your editorial calendar and use some resources to be able to do it well, within budgets and on time.

  • Winning strategies, use cases, dos and don’ts of digital and content marketing.
    The dos are infinite.
    Thus it’s easier to work through the do-not’s and form a framework within which teams can work better. Here we also learn how to understand developing trends and include that in our marketing strategy.

  • Sources of Content
    The struggle to get good content exists in every size of business. In this segment, we discuss a custom framework on how you can nurture segments of audiences, both internal and external and create a growth plan for content.




“A great day course for marketers both new or experienced about digital marketing.

Kavita encourages doing rather than sit-and-listen only, which allows you to really understand rather than just "know" how things work from her real-life experiences in delivering results.”

Melissa Wong
x-mini, Singapore



“The Workshop on B2B was comprehensive and presented in such a way that someone new in the field  of digital marketing could comprehend well. 

Added advantage was that no irrelevant or extra information was given to confuse the attendee as anyway it's a wide spectrum of knowledge to be grasped at one time”

Anchal Attal
Kaira Global, Singapore