Every great design begins with an even better story.
— Lorinda Mamo, designer

Is visual design the same as graphic design?

Though visual design and graphic design are often interchangeable terms, they operate at different levels. Visual design encompasses the messaging for a brand, including look, feel style and tone of voice. Graphic design is the tactical aspect of visual design.

Visual designers are the problem solvers in the design world, as they define the brand’s identity while building user experiences from the ground up. A business’s visual design strategy, akin to design thinking, is long term, encapsulating both, impact level appeal, as well as a communication strategy to establish a connection with the consumer. Executing this strategy requires good graphic design.

How do visual design and editorial enhance the brand experience?

Brand custody in visual design means maintaining commonality across thought processes while providing the designer with enough flexibility for the idiosyncrasies of different platforms. A critical understanding of design mediums and consumer personalities makes for great visual design. Every person, thus, who is part of these teams, is a brand custodian. Moreover, every single decision taken is critical, for it impacts the end consumer experience.

Even within limited resources and structures, we push the envelope for creativity and make sure things get done, right on time. We instill ownership and accountability across the entire chain and help businesses enhance their customer experience, thus creating differentiation in the market place.

How does effective visual design impact my business’s bottom line?

Apple, Google, and Disney are three of the world’s most valued brands, and they all have one thing in common: great design.

Design is no longer a process used to make something look ‘pretty’.

Today, it’s a sophisticated discipline disrupting product development and one that crafts unique customer journeys amongst other things.

Think about it. Aren’t cluttered websites irritating?

Doesn’t product packaging impact buying behaviour?

65% of people prefer visuals to text. A design-centric approach across internal processes also makes a world of difference. Representation of data, complex information and impact numbers can be done so much more effective through visual aids.

An Accenture Strategy report also says that design alert businesses achieve a 125% return on investments as compared to traditional ways of functioning. It is no coincidence that design has a seat on the product development and marketing table.

What do you mean by ‘content’?

We are referring to a pain called ‘content development’ which marketers face while driving their marketing initiatives and feeding their martech tools.

A CMO once commented, “content is a unicorn,” highlighting the pain it is to continue to create good content and its elusive nature. Our process begins with identifying raw pools of content within an organisation, stepping back from tactical content generation tactics to look for authenticity and provide the ability to look ‘outside-in’.

We are using content to tie business objectives, digital initiatives and working on the long game of nurture and valuable conversions. While it an uphill task, our custom content development framework and deep understanding of marketing automation tools and media plans help us be sherpas.

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